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Just saw this on TPM, which took it from nbcsports.  It's great!

After the LA Dodgers defeated the Atlanta Braves last night to take the Division Series, a Braves fan wrote a letter to Republican Congressman Jack Kingston to demand outlawing baseball until LA negotiated over relinquishing the Division Series championship:

"But just because we couldn't score enough runs, the Dodgers refuse to relinquish the title — and worse, they won't even discuss it," Kaplan wrote. "LA's stubborn refusal to even talk to us about reversing the results of this series is un-sportsmanlike and un-American. But there is an answer: If the Dodgers won't listen to the cries of average Americans like you and me, then Congress should outlaw Major League Baseball until the Dodgers cave."


"Just because the Dodgers had more hits, scored more runs, and won more games doesn't make them right," Kaplan wrote in closing. "You can help them see that."

Yes, the Republicans are a fucking joke.

The entire letter is here:  nbcsports

He ends by saying that if this means there is no baseball, "the Dodgers have only themselves to blame."

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